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A rich sugar mummy working with a Multi-billion company is looking for a man for a long term relationship. She reaches out to this online sugar mummy dating website with the aim to find a trustworthy partner and we are happy to connect her with you. This beautiful and rich sugar mummy disclosed to us that she is looking for a man who is Determined, mature and manly Intelligent, gallant, kind, decent and reliable. This sugar mummy is longing to meet with a caring man. A man who will love and respect her. Money is not a problem as she will take care of your finances.

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Hi, my name is Queenette Smith, and I’m 38 years old looking for a man that can love me till the end. I need a faithful man that can get married to me here, don’t worry about money, I’ll send you all the money you need. I really hope to meet my love here and show him my feelings because Am is a positive person with kindness. I am independent, confident, educated, professional, rational, honest, down-to-earth, forgetting and forgiving. I look stylish and younger than what my age actually is. Serious with my job, but always with a smile on the face!

My heart melts quickly with a good laugh, a witty joke, and a friendly smile( I think I will faint with a kiss or hug…Haha….). I am a gentle soul, calm and certainly not what most people would expect – a social butterfly. Instead, I am quietly alert, listener, who will deliver you with an open ear after a hard day, and not judge, nor take over or tell you what to do. I am patience and understanding. I like to have fun and enjoy myself. Life is not easy. I wish I could find an optimistic man here.

There is no need for him to be rich. All I wish is for him to be rich in spirit. I need a man who isn’t afraid to admit that he misses me, a man knows that I’m not perfect but treats you as if you are. A man who’s biggest fear is losing his woman, one who gives their heart completely. I don’t play games and I am looking for a serious relationship with marriage being the ultimate goal! I am caring, compassionate, respectful and I consider myself a gentle person. I am very outgoing, communicative, easy-going, outspoken, I am also a very Romantic type, love to cuddle, hold hands while walking. I love watching Movies, Television, listening to Music, Singing, Reading, Writing Poems, Swimming, playing Basketball.

I am seriously searching for a matured and intelligent young man who is humble, responsible, vibrant and honest to be my partner and companion. I want to chat with you first on Whatsapp. I have many special gifts to offer to my beloved man along with my sensitivity to others, and a strong ability to keep things running smoothly. If you are a reliable, kind, cheerful and just a good man and a real man, who is ready to be always close and not only give his love and kindness, but also take twice as much.

I am waiting for you with all my heart! I am sure that I can make you a happy owner of a ticket to your happy life and your happy heart! Hope to see you soon and get to know you! Let’s start chatting. A man who says “I love you” and means it. last but not least, I want my man who wouldn’t mind waking up with me in the morning seeing me in wrinkles and your gray hair but still falls for you all over again. I will make him rich and happy. I will also provide a Job for him if he wishes to work.

I am willing and ready to make sure I pay my lover heavily for love every month. Only give me all your attention, I am looking for someone who would see the beauty in everything that we have together, with whom I may have charming and sweet moments and amazing memories after. He needs to l0ve traveling, being active and ready to love with all his heart. I need a simple person but with a good attitude and strong morals!

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  1. Maulidi bakari says

    hey I’m her my name is Maulidi bakari I’m very Interested in you so we can go far in chatting my whatsap number 0624345707 I’m waiting for you.

  2. Maulid bakar says

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  3. Ridwan says

    My contact 01164137183
    My email [email protected]

  4. Maulid bakar says

    hello my friend, I’m very interested in you ,you look beautiful and True women my contact 0624345707 for far love please contact whith me my lover

  5. Maulid bakar says

    I need really lover

  6. Maulid bakar says

    hey sweat come to me my whatsap number please 0624345707

  7. Maulid bakar says

    I need you so much in my life come to my whatsap you will know me better, 0624345707

  8. villa g +264817936797 says

    Hello please WhatsApp /call +264817936797 or [email protected] for mature serious relationship. Non smoking and drinking . thank you

  9. Maulid bakar says

    hey beautiful

  10. Maulid bakar says

    She is so cute my whatsap number please 0624345707

  11. Maulid bakar says

    hello my whatsap number 0624345707

  12. Maulid bakar says

    hello SAP number 0624345707

  13. ssekitooleko Deo says

    ,hello dear WhatsApp me +256751993120

  14. Gideon Ansah Boateng says

    Hi My Baeuty Queenette,
    I really love you my dear queen and I’ll like to assure of doing anything for your love and I’m ready to relocate to wherever you are and love, share. protect and make your life happier and comfortable. I can write, read and speak English and French.
    Jewel, I have all the qualities you’re requesting for on a silver platter and will even go with you to the EXTREME cos I’m graduate transport/tourism geographer and a Spatial Analyst, very strong and energetic in its real sense, very adventurous and romantic, like nature, like riding, driving and traveling via all vehicles. I also like all forms music and singing, dancing, cultures, try new things.
    My Queen, please these are my contacts +233205710790 and +233244813685, please let’s chat or talk for clearer and further particulars to find our chemistry.
    Thanks and stay blessed and safe by God’s grace.
    Gideon in Ghana, West Africa.

  15. Joseph kell says

    hello sexy how are you I am Joseph kell from Ghana I am 6 foot tall I am I athletic Guy and I am young I am 24 years of age and I’m looking for a lady who actually really miss love so please if you interested in me please call me by this number but if you not please give me a chance to prove my love to you my number is 024 644 3485

  16. Habimana Jean Baptiste says

    Hi. my name is Habimana Jean Baptiste, 47 years old, 1 m 78 height originally from Central Africa or East African community, but living in South Africa. Very humble and smart, caring and sensitive, hardworking and a good listener, a bit resrve to those that i do not know yet. will open up sillowly as I get use to them. responsible and many more qualities. I like traveling and walking long distance, reading and cycling, as well as jogging st c…is very hard for me to discribe myself, but I am trying to point out some of the most interesting things which I often do. I also like cherish the one i may be in love with. If you accept me, then you may be prepared to be cherish highly in different ways. I do not shake the hands of my lover, as my way is hug you each time I meet you, even in our room. thus, I may hug you hundred or more times a day. will you be able to handle that? Do like such kind of treatment? I joke a lot that you hardly can spend 10 minutes without loughing if you are with me. Many and many more qualities that you will discover yourself. I am ready for any option from you. May you forgive me for having no picture. I do not like to publish myself on the website, instead I prefer to give my picture to the one who request it personally. I have nothing to hide for, is just my choose to do it this way. Forgive me for that, and do not hold yourself back if you need my picture. just tell me then I will send for to you. If you wish to contact me, you may do so, via my email address: [email protected] or call me at + 27659034147. Thanks a lot


  17. Dyrkes says

    Hi Queeneth Smith, do u mind for a chat n see how it goes….

  18. Alora Mark says

    My name is Alora Mark
    I’m from Nigerian
    I’m 25 years old
    I’m looking a sugar Mummy
    I’m ready to love you for the rest of my life

  19. janty says

    hi baby like you to ????????????❤️???? Nairobi Kenya tha’s 37 years sugar mummy dating you me +254738835463

  20. fred says

    you are cute my what’sp no +233595985232

  21. Hamed says

    Hi, how are you.???
    I am a young man who comes from West Africa my age I was born in 1992 if I’m not mistaken I am 28 years old that’s what my mother told me but in 2021 I must be 29 years old … in short … I’m looking for a sugar mummy or as we also say sugar mummy.
    My activity here I am a trader in any case I manage a little by the grace of god it’s going a little.
    I am looking for sex with mommies or sugar mummies.I am a caring and honest young man who is fun, open-minded, and witty, enthusiastic, loyal, cheerful, intelligent, lively and gifted with bonbonsensdel humor.I don’t get angry quickly and I know the value of a woman.
    My physique in bed I fuck well I suck and I stroke well from top to bottom.

    I have a big long cock which can fill your big pussy I am available and I propose to you as you want that it is serious or sexual relationship only do not hesitate to contact me.
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    [email protected] and here is my phone number and whatsapp also +22559279208
    I love you very kisses on your pussies.
    I want to live with you

    My life without you is nothing
    You have to know it
    I want to walk my life with you
    This long and beautiful journey together,
    That of our love that will take us far,
    To finally end up in the beautiful land of happiness,
    And together will create our love story.

    In the land of love

    Like the first rays of the sun
    Your sweetness wakes me from my sleep
    The exquisite vision of your face
    Take me on a tender journey

    The first languid embrace
    In contact with your silky skin
    Like the promenade of the blessed
    Carry my whole body to the skies

    The bewitching sight of your eyes
    Dispel the fog in my eyes
    The outline of your enchanted smile
    takes me to wonderland.

    It’s you my love

    I want you to know,
    I show you my best
    I had never felt this love,
    Love growing day by day,

    I want you to know,
    That my life without you is impossible,
    You are my whole life, you are my essential,
    You my angel, you for whom I live,

    I want you to know,
    that I can’t imagine life without you,
    You are everything to me, you are everything to me,
    I am thinking of you, it is you my love.

    Let me Love You

    Will you let me place a soft kiss on your lips?
    Will you let me put love in your heart?
    Will you let me love you, convince you of my love?
    Do you want to form a “we two”, you and me for life?
    Go a long way together and make our wishes come true,
    If you feel this urge deep inside you
    Come see me, look at me, kiss me!

  22. sabelo says

    bbe 0671537406

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