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We have published a lot of posts featuring Sugar mummies from South Africa, UK and even USA and now UAE sugar mummy or Dubai Sugar mummy.

We imagine some of you may have been looking for UAE sugar mummy or simply put Dubai sugar mummy who will take you to Dubai and live a lavish lifestyle with you. Well if you happen to be sure a person today is your lucky day as we will be sharing an amazing UAE sugar mummy in this article today who is willing to take you to Dubai.

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Meet Alima, a UAE-based sugar mummy. She is 42 years and a single mother of two who has been searching the internet for true love. Alima is only interested in real people who knows what it takes to make and keep a single mother like her happy all the time.

She is willing to even take any successful young man over to Dubai to live and work there while dating her. She has promised to help anyone she decides to choose from this site very well.

Alima recognizes that Sugar Mummy FREE is the only real sugar mummy dating site on the internet as her friends who has met real sugar boys from this site testified to her.

In fact, I’m sort of holding out for that. Someone to sweep me off my feet. I’m one of those women whose looking for that chivalrous goodhearted man and I believe he’s out there somewhere. Having a friend as my partner (Mr Right for me) in a monogamous relationship are my desires.

I am looking for sincere and honest friend to jell with and sample what life has to offer. Getting an honest and sincere friend around hasn’t been easy, so i thought why not give this thing a go. I’m new to it. Life comes around once, you can choose loneliness or happiness,,, I choose happiness and I want to walk that path with my prince.

I am searching for a gentleman who has God fear, humble, respective, well brought up and hard working to whom we can start family together if things will workout well between us two.

So if you have what it takes to make and keep a woman like Alima happy and interested in you, please drop your contact on the comment section and hope Alima will choose you and contact you.

You will need to Register to be able to have access to this sugar mummy phone number as we really want to know who is who and protect our sugar mummies privacy even as we protect yours too.

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  1. Edwin says

    I don’t have much to say try my line +237681716682 and feel the taste of a man you are the best

  2. Edwin says

    My pleasure to have you surgar mummy 237681716682 feel me

  3. Omar Turk says

    Hello how are you how you been doing Iam ready

  4. Omar Turk says

    Hello how are you how you been doing I am ready

  5. Edwinson says

    In search of a surgar mummy

  6. Mofor Ferdinand says

    Hello my pretty Queen Alima, I’m Ferdinand from Douala Cameroon, I’m interested in you, I’m honest respectful positive optimistic, transparent in all I do in life trustworthy loving caring loyal and understanding quick to forgive, I’m a Christian from winner’s Chapel, I will spend the rest of my life with you, standing by you no matter what comes along the way I will still love and cherish you.
    My Queen here is my WhatsApp number +237690960990 my email address [email protected].
    Thanks pretty I will love to be the father of your kids.

  7. Islam says

    [email protected]

  8. Habimana Jean Baptiste says

    Assalaam alaikum. How are you? It’s always good to have such kind of opportunity of meeting different people

  9. Habimana Jean Baptiste says

    My name is Jean Baptiste Habimana, I am Muslim dispite my names which are not Islamic ones, because I reverted to Islam about 13 years ago. o.o am very new in Islam as you see, but I hope that Allah T’Alla will give me a woman who is already many more years in Islam so that she can teach me more about Islam. I am originally from Central African region, but I live in South Africa. 47 years old a bit dark in complexion, 1 m 78 height, athletic body. Very kind hearted, loving , caring, hardworking, sensitive and responsible. Very humble but smart on deed. Honest and trustworthiness are not to learn for since my Mom and Dadd have done their work of giving me a good upbringing and made sure I practice it. I am tell you about this but for sure it very difficult for a person who does not know you to believe in your words. However, we have to tell and put it that way so that the one you intend to get connected to, may have an idea of who you are. I am not good when it comes to describing myself. If I wasto choose my own way of describing myself, I will choose to be with the person for sometime so that she or he can learn what type of person I am. My profile have no photo because I did not want to expose myself to everyone who doesn’t know or who does not even want to know me, but I will provide the photo on request from the one I want to be connected to. I like nothing , cycling, hiking, walking in the nature or some long distance, reading and traveling. Some more hobbies are, but I cannot write everything. In Shaa Allah you will discover them when we will be together if the chance is given to me. I also cherish too much, you may prepare yourself for many spontaneous cherishing actions. I do not promise anything other than that, so that in case I fail to fulfill my promises i may not be called a lier. I will be ready for any thing you may expect me to do for you. I do not actually wait to be told what to do, i busy myself in different things, be it for the house or personnel. This was a short brief of a introduction to you for who I am. There are too many more things that I could tell, but is better to leave it for you to check up them from me. If you wish to contact me you ‘re more than welcome: Here are my contact details: [email protected] or you can learn whatsapp me at +27659034147.


  10. abimbola says

    8 hours ago
    Tessy.Khalil is my name. I am a charismatic person with high magnetism and impeccable integrit

    I resigned from a high-end construction company to establish real estate firm in partnership with my colleagues in Nigeria. So, as a Partner, I have full control of my time which can adjusted to suit your time schedules to give you the full attention you deserve.

    You’re 38-40 bracket I guess. I am 50+. The age bracket 38-50+ is compatible, and balanced. On account of my older age, maturity, exposure, experiences of life, impeccable character, and acute knowledge of the psychology of women, I am in the best position to manage your emotions as companion in long time and sustainable relationship.

    I have an excellent medical history. I am healthy, active, sensual ,with strong manliness.

    I will love to take another master degree in Project Management ( Energy/Oil &Gas) Option, and a Doctorate in Sustainable Environmental Friendly Real Estate Design. These are my fancies.

    Hobbies: I am adaptable to any of your positive hobbies in addition to mine. I love travelling, discovery, reading, Cruising. I love to play golf, and Chess. I am religious and spiritual.

    Finance? I love financial independence. I love a symbiotic rather than a parasitic financial arrangement. I add value to you, and you add value to me. I assist your business in any way you desire, and you assist mine so that we create financial harmony.

    But remember, I am not perfect neither are you perfect. Tolerance and compromises are indispensable in an excellent ,Sustainable, relationship

    Lies, hypocritical behavior, dishonesty piss me off. It is very difficult to make me annoyed. And when I am provoked to annoyance, I protest non violently, and let go, or withdraw tactically.

    Alima, if you find me worthy of having you, contact me: WhatsApp:+2347031811610, Call: +2349039582576.

    Email: [email protected]

    Yours Sincerely.

  11. Gideon Ansah Boateng says

    Hi My Dear Queen Alima,
    My name is Gideon, 51 years of age, 5’9″(ft), strong active and energetic graduate Transport Geographer who knows how to speak, read and write English and French and traveling is my hobby. I’m humble nice gentleman who is trustworthy, caring, loving hard-working and empathetic and I must express my elation of sharing with you, all your interests and I’m ready to relocate to wherever you are to take good care of you and romantically give you special bedmatics, protect, love, give you peace and tranquillity. I’m not only coming to love you my Queen, rather I’m also coming to be your aide, a confidant, driver, and above all protect all your investments and interests if any, my Dear.
    Queen Alima, please take my contacts for clearer and better particulars; +233244813685 for WhatsApp and +233205710790 for calls
    G. A Boateng from Accra-Ghana, West Africa.

  12. Ellsworth says

    I’m Ellsworth, age- 35yrs , a Nigerian, A graduate, Christian by religion, dark in complexion and 5.6ft of height. I’m an embodiment of truth, faithfulness, ingunity, transparent honesty & sincerity of purpose. Am blessed with incredible willpower, resolve, grit and tenacity, so whatever i choose to do in life, i usually do it all the way, with great passion and determination and piercing charisma.
    Am gifted with the very attributes that will open the very doors to what you are seeking. I don’t sit around, waiting for life, love and opportunity to find me, I go out and seize it. Am romantic and hate pretenders. Football, reading and upgrading educationally are my best hobbies and ofcourse a little sit out in the evening if need be. I sincerely need a woman that will be ever sincere, respectful, truthful and faithful. One who understands how to love and be loved. Not being addicted to drugs and not a night cluber. A God fearing woman who has determined to settle down and raise a family (optional).Such a woman is my desire and no matter what the future holds, and I will love her, cherish her and be the man of her dream. Pls kindly send me your contact details through my email if you are such.

  13. Omar Turk says

    Hello how are you how you been doing I am interested my what’s up 0096170309790

  14. rock says

    hi alima
    I have read your profile and you talk about yourself
    I may say everything about me but in reality u will see your self that what kind of person I am .I hope that we connect to each other. you can call me or whatsapp me on +91 7977868992

  15. Lawal nurudeen says

    ….. from Nigeria, let’s chat here please; [email protected]

  16. senior aboagye dacosta says

    from Ghana but live in Dubai United Arab Emirates if really 00971557010589

  17. shajad says

    com whatsapp 00966558684700

  18. Borsu Ganew says

    hello this my number 0248586525

  19. Osman wahab says

    Beautiful +233543815125

  20. Eke Chibuike says

    Hey am ready my whatsapp no +2348027998516

  21. Fredrick Mulyungi says


  22. Anthony Richard Ndoumou says

    Good evening, I hope you are doing very well. you have very pretty eyes. Who are you going to spend the end of year celebrations with? I would like to hold your hand and see the new year with you. 0022655800112

  23. janty says

    hi baby like you to ????????????❤️???? Nairobi Kenya tha’s 37 years sugar mummy dating you me +254738835463

  24. Gideon Ansah Boateng says

    Hi My Baeuty Queen Alima,
    I really love you my dear queen and I’ll like to assure of doing anything for your love and I’m ready to relocate to wherever you are and love, share. protect and make your life happier and comfortable.
    Jewel, I have all the qualities you’re requesting for on a silver platter and will even go with you to the EXTREME cos I’m graduate transport/tourism geographer and a Spatial Analyst, very strong and energetic in its real sense, very adventurous and romantic, like nature, like riding, driving and traveling via all vehicles. I also like all forms music and singing, dancing, cultures, try new things.
    My Queen, please these are my contacts +233205710790 and +233244813685, please let’s chat or talk for clearer and further particulars to find our chemistry.
    Thanks and stay blessed and safe by God’s grace.
    Gideon in Ghana, West Africa.

  25. Robert says

    Hi good morning I hope you are doing fine and I am Robert from Namibia and I would like to know you are looking for a real man to can help you with your life to make you happy I am at +264 814667973 call me or email me I am @[email protected]

  26. Jovan says


  27. Emmanuelassimeng says

    Hello dear, am here to love and keep you, I understand the term love and I know what love is about. I will do anything that will makes you happy, I am a graduate I also have a handy work. Dear I will pamper you and I will humble my self to you always, I will stand for you in difficulties and I will be truthful to you always. this is my number +23326751491, am in Ghana , West Africa.

  28. Heart Lover says

    Hi This is Heart Lover I’m very honest and loving caring man.and I’m 29 years old ,living in dubai ,my WhatsApp number see in the below:
    Whatsapp: +157059333944

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